I’ve been drumming for years, playing internationally on some amazing stages. I’m happy to say that one of the key reasons for me doing so well is my first, and only, drum tutor Dan Jacobs. (Kodi Bramble)

As a professional drummer myself, I have always found Dan’s approach to teaching both comprehensive and informative. Dan covers so much vital material even the most seasoned musician will expand their knowledge. (Andy Burlace)

Dan Jacobs is one of the best teachers i have had, not only because of his patience, he also has great understanding of drum concepts and techniques. (Josh Billson)

Dan’s teaching methods are brilliant, a great and flexible approach to the needs of each student. I recommend him to all!! (Vikki Tippins)

Dan is a helpful and friendly guy, able to relate on a personal level. With excellent technical skills and knowledge of theory i thoroughly enjoyed learning from him. (James Cook)

Lessons with Dan are fantastic, never afraid to answer questions or discuss a subject i didn’t understand, I progressed much faster from my first lesson and feel privileged to have been taught by such a gent. (Adam Moss)